Monday, February 9, 2009

The Mood in England

The Daily Alert compiles newspaper and magazine articles about Israel- or Jewish-related events that occur across the world. (You should subscribe. It's a great service, for free no less.) A usual sampling consists of anti-Israeli incitement and rhetoric or hostile military action, usually in the Middle East. In the past couple of months, for example, the Daily Alert has been dominated by stories on Gaza and Iran.

Today, however, there is a striking number of such articles coming not from the Middle East, but from the United Kingdom. A recent British government report on the Gaza war presents an unbalanced view of the conflict, mentioning Hamas only twice, and a British Foreign Office diplomat -- who is a Middle East expert, by the way -- has been arrested for publicly shouting anti-Israel and anti-Semitic obscenities while watching a story on the Gaza conflict in a gym. What's worse, Britain has seen the largest rise in anti-Semitic attacks in decades -- some on Jewish British schoolchildren -- supposedly inspired by the Gaza conflict.

These attacks and insults have revealed anti-Semitism behind this anti-Zionism -- for some, at least. It's a worrying trend this blog will be watching.

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